sage bites

Reflections on quotations for life

About Sage Bites

Welcome to Sage Bites: Reflections on Quotations for Life. My name is Andy Mousley. I’m a lecturer in English literature at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

The site, to which you are welcome to contribute, will accumulate short, thought-provoking reflections on ‘stand-alone’ quotations from literature, film, song, and philosophy. For specimen reflections on ‘We live as we dream. Alone.’, ‘No man is an island’, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’, and ’42’, visit theQuotations page and click on the relevant quotation (under Reflections).

There is a vast interest in quotations, but where is there a site which offers reflections on quotations, AND gives YOU the opportunity to supply your own quotations and reflections?

I think literature can help to deepen our understanding of fundamental questions of existence. This sounds ‘heavy’, but the website is designed to promote interest in ‘life issues’ in an accessible  – and interactive  – way.


You can respond to a reflection, send your own reflection on a quotation, or just send a quotation for others to reflect on.

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